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The Mongols are in daily discussions with each other via email. For a high-level overview of their new Quantum Field Theory, see their website at: Mongol Physics.
Prof Yang has an interesting alternative take on the use of complex numbers in quantum physics. He promotes the idea of complex spacetime and is IMHO the ideal venue for exploring the idea of complex mass, in response to the neutrino negative-mass-squared results. His site can be found here (please contact him via email for a full PDF version of his work): Complex Mechanics.
For some good-fun bashing of the Standard Model, the POAMS website is an entertaining resource. My response to their general approach can be found here.
And some interesting articles by the astronomer Billie Westergard. My response to the Hotson / Westergard Universe can can be found here.
For some really inspired discussions, please visit Kingsley Jones's blog Annals of Post-Medieval Thought.
An interesting alternative theory based on modelling spin-1/2 particles as tori can be found at Ultrawave Theory.
For some in-depth thoughts from string theorist Andrea Gregori, please see Universe of Codes.